Pleb City has flexible and afforable options for recording, mixing and post-production work. We’re equiped for a diverse range of recording needs, whether its for your latest single, voice over work, or podcasting, we’ve got you covered.

When you book in to record you’ll have the whole studio to yourself, including access to both studio 1, the control room, and the vocal booth. You also have the option to work with our in house audio engineers, or to bring in your own engineers for a studio dry-hire rate.

We’d love to be involved in making your artist vision a reality, get in contact with us via email with any further questions or details.

Recording facilities include:

  • The Control Room (4x3m) monitoring and production suit. Installed with the latest version of Protools, Cubas, Bigwig, and Abelton Live 10. Fitted with 21 input channels, 8 output channels, and talkback.
  • Studio 1 (6x4m) Live instrument and drum tracking studio attached to the control room. Fitted with drum kit, cymbals, bass and guitar amplifiers, headphone preamp and live talkback.
  • Vocal Booth (1x1m) dry vocal booth. Fully sound treated with live talk back, inbuilt headphone preamp, and live video monitor. Primarily use for dry vocal tracking, voice over and isolated amp recording.

For a full breakdown of our gear list, Click Here

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