Recording at Pleb City

Pleb has flexible and affordable options for recording and mixing music, voiceover, podcasting, and post-production for TV and film. When you book in to record, you'll have the whole studio to yourself. Studio 1 and the Vocal Booth are soundproofed to a capable standard to reduce plane and outside noise for most projects.

You can book the studio with or without engineer using the online booking system above. Our day rate for an 8 hour booking is $600/day with engineer, or $400/day dry hire. To get a quote for your project or learn more, please get in touch.

Rooms included:
Studio 1 (6m x 4m live tracking / drum tracking room, 12 in 4 out)
Control Room (4m x 3m monitoring & production suite w. Pro Tools, Cubase & Bitwig)
Vocal Booth (1m x 1m dry booth, 1 in 1 out)

Gear included: check out our updated gear list

Some things recorded and mixed at Pleb City

Some things recorded at Pleb City and mixed elsewhere